Presentation Summary
Nagano Pref.

Iida Municipal Kamimura Elementary School, 5th and 6th grades

Let‘s Promote Kamimura!

2022 elementary school #Southern Alps BR #SDGs2: Zero Hunger #SDGs11: Sustainable Cities and Communities #SDGs15: Life On Land #SDGs17: Partnerships for the Goals #Satoyama(traditional rural landscapes) #Agriculture #Community Development

At Kamimura Elementary School, we have been thinking about activities to spread the goodness of the Kamimura area, mainly during the comprehensive learning periods. In this context, we have engaged in a wide range of activities relating the charms of Kamimura to the SDGs, including activities to cultivate and sell vegetables and flowers in relation to the “life on land,“ and exchanges with a support facility for mothers and children in Tokyo in relation to “sustainable cities and communities.“ Please pay attention to the children who love the Kamimura area where they live and try to convey its charms!