Achievement Presentation & Networking Meeting

Shinshu ESD Consortium Achievement Presentation & Networking Meeting

UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and ESD

Internationally recognized under the framework of UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere (MAB) Programme, UNESCO Biosphere Reserves (BR) are model areas that aim to balance preservation and sustainable use, drawing attention as “learning places for sustainable development.” There are 748 BR sites in 134 countries around the world, with 10 of those registered sites being located in Japan (as of June 2023).

In BR, there is an abundance of nature, plus a wealth of resources for learning about the history, tradition, and culture of working in harmony with nature, making them an ideal place to put ESD into practice. And it is fair to say that ESD, in fostering those who will usher in sustainable local societies, is an essential element for BR.

Among the schools whose efforts are presented this time, the following schools put ESD into practice in BR areas.

Shinshu ESD Consortium
AEON Environmental Foundation
Faculty of Education, Shinshu University, Nagano Prefectural Board of Education, Nagano Association for Conserving Environment, Prefectural Federation of UNESCO Associations in Nagano, Nagano UNESCO Association, ESD Resource Center of Japan, Chubu Regional ESD Resource Center, Interuniversity Network Supporting The UNESCO Associated Schools Network
Shinshu ESD Consortium Secretariat (people in charge: Matsuhashi, Shimizu) Faculty of Education, Shinshu University
6-Ro Nishi Nagano, Nagano, Nagano 380-8544, Japan TEL 026-238-4034