Presentation Summary
Nagano Pref.

Yamanouchi Municipal Higashi Elementary School, 4th grade

My Kocarina

2022 elementary school #Shigakogen BR #SDGs12: Responsible Consumption and Production #SDGs15: Life On Land #SDGs17: Partnerships for the Goals # Music & Art #Community Development

We have been learning about kokarina, a musical instrument born in Shiga Highland. Children who wish to learn to play many songs well have performed various activities such as having their families listen to their performance, taking kokarinas on a field trip to Shiga Highland and playing them in the mountains, and playing them at music concerts, the Kokarina Festival, and other musical events. With the desire to learn more about kokarina, children are interested in a workshop that makes kokarinas, finding out the kinds and materials of kokarina, and planning to hold a thank-you party for those who have supported them.