Presentation Summary
Nagano Pref.

Iida Municipal Toyama Junior High School

Project “Protect Toyama-go”

2021 junior high school #Southern Alps BR #SDGs11: Sustainable Cities and Communities #SDGs15: Life On Land #Satoyama(traditional rural landscapes) #Traditional Culture #Community Development

Project “Protect Toyama-go” started with students’ wish to “do something that will contribute to our local area,” and it is now in its 7th year of activity on projects centered on the student council. Primarily, it involves collecting trash from around the school and cleaning public facilities. Other related activities include the “Toyama 3 School Bonding Project” and “Local Dance” activity. Elementary and junior high school students who live in the area gather in one place to learn about SDGs, and learn the dance from “Toyama Shimotsuki Matsuri ,” an important intangible folk-cultural property, which they then do in front of people from the community.